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Stream. Record. Edit.

V300 HDD V300 HDD


The V300 is available in a range of storage capacities to meet your specific requirements, with up to 3TB. This series of 3.5" internal HDDs all come with a 64MB internal data buffer, to ensure video experience never slows down.


Ideal for streaming, recording, editing and playing video content on DVR, TV or NVR

Capacities up to 16TB 

3.5" SATA hard drive

24/7 operation

64MB buffer

Temperature control

Toshiba Silent Seek Technology

Stream. Record. Edit.

Toshiba’s 3.5" V300 video streaming hard drive with up to 3TB lets you stream, record, edit and play video content on DVR, TV or NVR – with all the efficiency and reliability you need.