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Mellanox 10/25/40/50/56/100/200GbE Converged Network Adapters

  Converged Network Adapters

Mellanox continues its leadership in providing high-performance networking technologies by delivering superior utilisation and scaling in ConnectX-5 EN 10/25/40/50/56/100/200GbE adapters, enabling datacentres to do more with less.

Let's put the cards on the table

Mellanox ConnectX-5 25GbE wins against Broadcom NetXtreme E 25GbE in every category in the new Tolly report

World-Class Ethernet Performance
Mellanox Ethernet adapters utilising IBTA RoCE technology provide efficient RDMA services, delivering high performance to bandwidth- and latency-sensitive applications. With link-level interoperability in existing Ethernet infrastructure, Network Administrators can leverage existing datacentre fabric management solutions.

Applications utilising TCP/UDP/IP transport can achieve industry-leading throughput over 10/40/56GbE. The hardware-based stateless offload and flow steering engines in Mellanox adapters reduce the CPU overhead of IP packet transport, freeing more processor cycles to work on the application. Sockets acceleration software further increases performance for latency sensitive applications.

I/O virtualisation
Mellanox Ethernet adapters utilising Virtual Intelligent Queuing (Virtual-IQ) technology with SR-IOV provides dedicated adapter resources and guaranteed isolation and protection for virtual machines (VM) within the server. Mellanox adapters gives datacentre managers better server utilisation and LAN and SAN unification while reducing cost, power, and cable complexity.

Quality of Service
Resource allocation per application or per VM is provided and protected by the advanced QoS supported by Mellanox adapters. Service levels for multiple traffic types can be based on IETF DiffServ or IEEE 802.1p/Q, along with the DCB enhancements, allowing system administrators to prioritise traffic by application, virtual machine, or protocol. This powerful combination of QoS and prioritisation provides the ultimate fine-grain control of traffic – ensuring that applications run smoothly in today's complex environment.

Software Support
All Mellanox adapters are supported by a full suite of software drivers for Microsoft Windows, Linux distributions, VMware and Citrix XenServer. The adapters support stateless offload and are fully interoperable with standard TCP/UDP/IP stacks. The adapters support various management interfaces and have a rich set of configuring and management tools across operating systems.