Deploy network services to accelerate, monitor and secure applications within your customers' network.

Extend the capabilities of your XtremeScale software-defined NIC with Solarflare’s value-add software packages. Whether your customers are looking to accelerate applications, build a next generation NVMe-oF storage system, deploy a network monitoring solution, or increase server security, the combination of Solarflare XtremeScale network adapters and Solarflare software extensions guarantees the highest levels of performance, security; and scalability for your customers' network. Solarflare powers the next-generation neural class network.

Universal Kernel Bypass

ScaleOut Software Extension

Accelerate your customers' applications without having to modify them by reducing network I/O latency and CPU utilisation, and increasing effective network bandwidth. Solarflare ScaleOut can achieve latencies of 2-3 usec on a typical network without any modifications to applications, or need for the expensive DCB network switches required by RDMA adapters. When using Solarflare's ScaleOut software, your customers can achieve better application performance and increased VM container density.

DPDK Software Extension

The Data Plane Development Kit (DPDK), industry-standard packet acceleration for telecom and network virtualisation, is a set of open-source BSD-licensed libraries and drivers that increase the performance of packet processing applications. Solarflare's DPDK software extension provides a compliant implementation of DPDK for Solarflare adapters that bypass the OS kernel, resulting in significantly faster packets per second I/O performance.

Onload Software Extension

Solarflare’s Onload software is the fastest POSIX-compliant TCP and UDP-acceleration in the industry with full kernel bypass. Latency with the Solarflare Onload technology typically approaches 1usec, doing all this for your customers without requiring application modifications. Onload software extension is a premium add-on product for Solarflare XtremeScale adapters, providing your customers with extremely fast performance.

Introduction to OpenOnload White Paper

TCPDirect Software Extension

Solarflare’s TCPDirect Application Accelerator software extension, sub-microsecond TCP/UDP acceleration for extremely low latency applications, is a user-space technology that provides kernel bypass for TCP and UDP based applications. With TCPDirect your customers can minimise network stack overhead, resulting in the absolute lowest possible latency between applications and the network. TCPDirect has its own zero-copy user-space API, offering conceptually similar semantics to a subset of the BSD sockets API and so can co-exist with Onload within the same application. The TCPDirect software extension is available for Solarflare 8000 series XtremeScale network adapters.

TCPDirect White Paper

Kernel Extensions

NVM Express over Fabric (NVMe-oF)

NVMe-oF offers performance over Ethernet without the headaches of RDMA. NVMe-oF is a standardised-based protocol that allows servers to get the lowest-latency performance possible from networked flash storage systems. This software extension provides Solarflare network adapters with the ability to approach the incredibly low latencies of NVMe local flash storage over conventional POSIX compliant Ethernet TCP networks. With kernel software extension your customers can enable flash storage architectures based around server virtual machines and local flash storage pools.


SolarCapture Pro

SolarCapture Pro provides lossless packet capture for high-speed Ethernet networks, offering real time capture of packets, forwarding them to a libpcap API or to file, with the insertion of hardware timestamps. SolarCapture Pro is available with Solarflare SFN7000 series adapters. For 100% lossless capture at 2x40GbE line speeds, Solarflare recommends that your customers utilise the Solarflare AoE network adapter. The AoE adapter utilises the Solarflare advanced FPGA processing engine, which incorporates a custom application development environment and also frees the host CPU for other processing tasks.

SolarSecure Domain Fortress / Filter Engine

In today’s ultra-scale computing environments, the “air gap” between the datacentre and the outside world isn’t enough to provide the required security necessary for your customers. Solarflare’s Domain Fortress is the first distributed active security solution that is implemented within the server network adapter. The heart of Domain Fortress is the SolarSecure Filter Engine, providing high performance packet filtering without impacting your customer’s server performance and without shutting down all network traffic. With simple to use configuration files, command line interface and lookup tables, network security personnel can provide individualised security at each server, as well as set up policies and integrate Domain Fortress with existing event and incident management tools.

Precision Time Protocol (PTP)

Solarflare’s Precision Time Protocol software extension enables precise, synchronised time stamping of packets across the network down to the microsecond level through a standards-based time API. For use cases such as market feeds or electronic trading that require the monitoring and/or capturing of packets precisely across the network, the Solarflare PTP software extension provides this critical capability. Solarflare’s PTP software extension can interface with a variety of time sources to deliver your customers with microsecond accuracy.

Precision Time Brief